Elite Marine Construction in Palm Coast

Marine services dock in Palm Coast, FL

Welcome aboard! At Elite Marine Construction, we specialize in marine construction so you can get the most out of your waterfront property in Palm Coast, FL. To get the full benefit of living on the water, you need to be able to dock and launch your boat, or be able to get to the beach. Flooding is a very real possibility in Palm Coast, FL, so protect yourself with a sea wall! Whether you want a full boathouse, just a beach access, dock or anything in between, we can do it! But why call us and not the other guys?

Why Call Elite Marine Construction?

We specialize in providing the outdoor view you have always dreamed of. Let us make your dreams come true.

If you bought a house on the water, most likely you enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, or just enjoying the view from a dock or boathouse. Get the most out of your home and enjoy the view out over the water with a variety of marine construction solutions for your home! At Elite Marine Construction, we can do anything you need with craftsmanship and integrity. Bellow are some of our marine services.

Available Marine Construction Services: